Flavonoids in Coffee

Flavonoids in my coffee? But all those health nuts are always talking about green tea or chai latte! Well you will be happy to know that coffee actually contains more antioxidants than green tea. Chlorogenic acids, for example, are strong antioxidant compounds found in coffee.

When the oxidation of low density lipoprotein (LDL) is used to compare antioxidant power among substances, research results indicate that coffee has more antioxidants than cocoa and even green tea. Coffee also has from two to three times more phenolic acids then tea.

These antioxidant tests are performed in vitro, meaning they are conducted in test tubes and beakers. Without a reliable way to test these effects in vivo (in live people) it remains difficult to elucidate the specific mechanism whereby flavonoids and other antioxidants might assist the body.


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Coffee Science and Information Centre